Smell and taste the difference!

Our 7 baby meals are all natural without additives and preservatives - and with no added sugar or salt.
Just 100% organic and honest food - great taste and soft chunky texture - like homemade!

Psst… You can try to serve the meal for toddlers 1 year +, maybe with a little salt added.

Bon appetite!

Organic, yummy & wholesome

All our products are 100% organic!

Research shows that the first two years of a child's life are important in terms of how taste buds and food preferences develop later in life. That is why we must ensure good eating experiences from the very start!
Through the development of our recipes we have carefully prioritized children´s growth and need for nourishment. Therefore, all our meals live up to the Danish Health Authority's recommendations for nutrition for infants - as well as the Danish Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark's requirements for the quality and composition of nutrition.