Meet the LoveMade team

Our LoveMade journey began when we ourselves had kids. Frustrated by the lack of high quality baby food, we decided to challenge the market by developing our own range of tasty, wholesome and organic baby meals.

Meet our Founder

"We want to challenge the market with great food for our little ones. Tasty, honest and wholesome – that will bring joy and contribute to a healthy development! That´s why LoveMade is making a difference!”
Silvia Wulff, Mother & Founder of LoveMade

When I became a mom I quickly learned that sleep was limited and quality time was appreciated. I wanted to buy baby food that I could stand for and not feel guilty about, when deciding not to cook myself. Baby food that I would feel good about and that I actually wanted to eat myself!

Research shows that the first two years of life are really important in relation to how taste buds and food preferences develop later on in life. The vision behind LoveMade is simple; to offer quality products that parents can trust and babies will love, and that is both healthy, tasty, pure and organic. A product that lives up to the requirements I have myself, both as a consumer and as a mother.

Chefs behind LoveMade

Co-founded by parents and Danish top chefs Nikolaj Kirk and Mikkel Maarbjerg, it isn’t a surprise that LoveMade holds commitment to care and great taste at its absolute core. We truly believe in giving our little ones the best possible start in life, and so our organic baby meals are developed to unite greater taste, natural textures and nutritional goodness.


Nikolaj Kirk is a talented and passionate cook, a skilled speaker and known from popular Danish TV programs such as the morning show “Good Morning Denmark” and the huge success on DR1 "Nak & Æd".

Mikkel Maarbjerg, is one of Denmark's most coveted food advisors, and often a used judge in gastronomic competitions.


Did you know…

- that Mikkel Maarbjerg is the first Danish chef to receive two Michelin stars in Denmark?

- that Kirk & Maarbjerg has developed several cookbooks - including one for children?

- that Mikkel Maarbjerg in 2017 received the award "chef of chefs" in Denmark?