Spoon feeding, and why it's important

Our packaging and products are developed to encourage spoon feeding. It’s important for motor development skills, whilst also being important for creating a healthy relationship with food in the earliest stages of your baby’s life.

Taking a stand against industry trends

The convenience wave is a reality throughout the food industry, but while other baby food manufacturers are choosing to switch to baby meals in squeeze bags, - to make the products even more convenient -, we offer an alternative where high quality is prioritized over convenience.

Would we ourselves enjoy eating cold Pasta Bolognese through a straw?

That is why we have developed our meals in a packaging that is shaped like a small bowl – encouraging spoon feeding and prioritizing natural textures.

A lifetime of good eating habits

Our chosen packaging is encouraging spoon feeding and joyful, present mealtimes.

All our meals are carefully developed by Danish top chefs, prioritizing organic ingredients and securing great taste.

Eating together with family members, sitting at the table whilst talking and making eye contact during a meal, will create important experiences for your child and your whole family. Making meal time, a time for connection and togetherness.

Create food joy! Benefits of learning to eat with a spoon:

- Your baby will develop good motor skills, like hand-eye and hand-mouth coordination, but also chewing and swallowing.

- It’s important for your baby to eat sitting up, taking food from a spoon, resting between bites and stopping when full. All this will create a good foundation for a healthy relationship with food throughout the lives of our little ones.

- Spoon-feeding embraces sensory development - it’s important for babies to see, smell and tough the food they are being served. It’s a really important part of creating a positive relationship with food, for babies to interact, and even play with the food. Learning through curiosity.