LoveMade exclusively produces organic products, both for the sake of our little ones and for the environment. It is important to us to protect the environment, so we encourage you to recycle the packaging after use.

The plastic bowl is 100% BPA-free and suitable for both the microwave and dishwasher. Therefore, they can be reused.

When recycling, the bowl should be sorted as plastic, and the sleeve should be sorted as cardboard. The foil should be disposed of as residual waste.

The lid should be sorted as plastic and the pouch as residual waste.

We aim for sustainability and responsibility

What choices do we make - and how do we, as a small company, navigate to ensure our contribution to sustainable production?


In every production decision, LoveMade aims for sustainability and we wish to take responsibility for the planet we live on.

We go by a minimum impact principle, and through this approach, our manufacturer has reduced the weight of our packaging by 60% over the last couple of years.

Our choice of packaging

The packaging for our baby meals is already a successfully used packaging for baby food in the UK and USA. With this packaging, we are able to offer a modern and convenient solution, where we do not have to compromise on the taste and structure of the food.

The recyclable plastic bowls are PP05, free of BPA, and are suitable for both microwave and dishwasher, which makes them easy to reuse.

To minimize resource waste, we do not provide plastic lids for this packaging; instead, we encourage you to reuse the bowl with a compatible and recyclable silicone lid.

With experience from our previous packaging, we have now chosen to use the same recyclable, transparent plastic bowl (without an integrated design) for ALL our meals. This means we minimize resource waste and scrap in production, as it creates more flexibility. Another advantage is that there is no expiration date on the plastic bowl itself, which means there will be no packaging waste at any time.

FSC Certificate

Our FSC certificate ensures that we use reusable cartons as well as wood and paper from sustainable sources.

Our contributions to the forest stewardship council help turn our mindset about taking sustainable responsibility into action, and it indicates our unwavering support to the forest owners who chose to manage their forests with respect for humanity and nature.

Food Safety

As technology on the market currently stands, it is not yet possible to detect the presence of glass in a glass jar with 100% certainty and reliability (including glass needles). However, the foreign body risk in plastic trays, which is the kind of packaging LoveMade uses, is far more mastered.

We care!

These are just a few of the reasons behind our choices.

However, we know that as long as there is not a biodegradable packaging solution for the production of our organic baby meals, we will not be 100% satisfied.

We pledge to continue striving for innovative ways to be responsible for our planet.