Yes! All ingredients are without exception 100% organic, including the spices. We never compromise on this. You can discover more about the development of our products here.

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The packaging for our baby meals is already a successfully used packaging for baby food in the UK and US. With this packaging we are able to offer a modern and convenient solution, where we do not have to compromise on the taste and texture of the food.

The recyclable plastic jars are PP05, free of BPA and are suitable for both microwave and dishwasher, which makes them easy to reuse.
We do not have plastic lids for this packaging, to minimize consumption and instead we encourage to reuse the jar with a suitable recyclable silicone lid.

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The packaging is microwave safe - remove the cardboard and open the plastic wrap slightly (or dot holes in it) and heat for approx. 45 sec. Stir and make sure the food has the right temperature.

You can also heat the food in a pot while stirring on medium heat until it is just warm or put the plastic cup in a bowl of hot water and warm it like that.

The products do not need to be heated, but taste and texture is better when the food is nice and warm.

The food should not be reheated.

Sure! There is a big difference in how much our little ones eat and it changes all the time. You can easily divide the meal in several meals, but it´s only recommended to heat up the amount of food that you are planning to eat, as the food should not be reheated.

After opening the food can be kept in the fridge with a lid for 24 hours, if the food has not been heated or you have eaten directly from the packaging.

In terms of ingredients, the answer is yes. As all our ingredients in all our meals are suitable for babies from 6 months.

The only thing that will differentiate is the textures, we have made recommendations with our age tags, but it is very individual when you baby is ready for a little more texture in the food. A lot of babies will be ready for our 8+ months products already when they are 6 or 7 months old.

Yes, we have products without meat and even dairy free products. Please head over to our Product page to find out more.

NO! We do not add sugar or salt to our products.

The answer is clear: NO – never!

The food is prepared in large pots, dosed in the small jars, sealed with plastic film and heated in a so-called autoclaving process. Autoclaving is a heating / cooking process that creates a natural preservation and allows the food to stay at room temperature until the seal is broken.

LoveMade was founded by a mother and two Danish top chefs. Frustrated by the lack of organic quality baby food, they decided to challenge the market by developing a high quality range of tasty, wholesome and organic baby meals.

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