We wanted to do better

We should not serve food for our children, that we would not like to eat ourselves!

There has been created a culture where baby food is something that we adults wrinkle our noses at. But why wrinkle your nose at something you serve to your child? Why should baby food not smell and taste like real food?

We want to challenge the market and this culture!

We have created LoveMade from these premises! We, as parents, have a responsibility to create healthy and joyful eating habits. Research shows that the first two years of life are the most important ones in terms of developing taste buds and eating preferences.

Our choices matter!

Trends - Baby Meals

The convenience wave is a reality throughout the food industry, but while other baby food manufacturers are choosing to switch to baby meals in squeeze bags, to make the products even more convenient, we offer an alternative where high quality is prioritized over convenience.

Would we ourselves enjoy eating cold flavorless Pasta Bolognese through a straw?

That is why we have developed our meals in a packaging that is shaped like a small bowl – encouraging spoon feeding and prioritizing natural textures.

Organic, yummy & wholesome

All our products are 100% organic!

Research shows that the first two years in life are important in terms of how taste buds and food preferences develop later in life. That is why we must ensure good eating experiences from the very start!

Through the development of our recipes we have carefully prioritized children´s growth and need for nourishment. All our meals live up to the Danish Health Authority's recommendations for nutrition for infants - as well as the Danish Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark's requirements for the quality and composition of nutrition.